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Postby JimAndros » Sat Mar 05, 2016 7:30 pm

I would say maybe 4 MPG with my DU in the 15' Shell Lake and I'm sure it weights a lot less. V-4s are fuel pigs, noisy too but durable. Keeping the carbs sync'd or maybe I should say getting the initial sync done takes a bit of determination.

Regarding engine temps, this is right out of the '66 DU13 service manual;
Chapter 2 - troubleshooting:
Engine overheats (is yours actually overheating? How are you measuring the temp?): Use Markal Thermomelt stick as described in Chapter 7 on cooling system.

Chapter 7-1 - general description of cooling system:
....recirculation continues in this manner until water jacket temperature has reached 130-150 degrees F at which time the thermostatic vale is opened by means of the thermostat.... I find no actual temp spec listed but the 133 deg must be about right.
Chapter 7-2 - Thermo temp stick:
....Two thermo sticks are necessary to properly check an engine, a 125 deg F and a 163 deg F stick. Mark the engine to be tested as shown in fig 7-3 (fig 7-3 points to the flat are on the front of each head fwd of the top fwd bolt. In other words, just inboard of the area that projects forward a small amount)
When the engine warms up, the 125 deg mark should melt and the 163 should not melt. If the 125 deg mark does not melt after a reasonable length of time, the t-stat is stuck open as the engine is running too cold. If both the sticks melt, the cooling system is not functioning properly, allowing the engine to overheat. Check for worn pump assembly, leaky water system or faulty thermostat.
If the stick will not mark the surface to be checked (apparently, some surfaces are too slick to mark successfully) touch the sticks to the area several times to be sure the engine is warmed up completely.

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