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Sportsman windsheild

PostPosted: Sat May 04, 2013 12:20 pm
by n4yci
OK I dont need this but I am getting some parts cheep of a lady in NC. If you need stuff off a '69 let me know quick she(the boat not the lady) is going under the saw and to the land fill very soon. (note they already started cutting the engine out.

Spoken for parts
Nav light glass, top hoop, instrument panel, fuel tank, exhaust manifolds, emblems (what little had not fallen off), and the fake wood panels going down the inside.

Parts still on the block
Intake manifold, windshield, seats (fold out) and of course dry rotted, cleats (yep composite), bow rails, key panel, throttle assembly, none Evinrude trailer, gull wing doors and ask about anything else.

Parts that are shot:
Steering wheel, and gas cap is a replacement.

Unknow status unknown status on the stern drive, engine block.

OK you can contact me off list and I will give you her details.


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kind of makes me want to shed a tear
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