What Am I missing here?

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Re: What Am I missing here?

Postby JimAndros » Sat Sep 09, 2017 8:02 am

1st, you photo bucket pictures won't open on my computer & I won't download any updates, so you should re-post them so they are available to view.

2nd, water will always go to the bottom so after maybe 1/2 gallon or less you will be stranded. Remember, the fuel is picked up near the bottom of tank, maybe 1/4 inch off.

Where did the water come from? Did it splash in the vent? How much water are we talking about? Less than a 1/2 gallon that caused runability issues & eventually stalled out? Maybe

Lots more? Then it didn't come in the vent unless you were towed back in rough water after it died out. Unlikely.

Most likely it is years of condensation aggravated by the use of ethanol fuel.

Regarding the tank vent, I don't have a 1970 parts book, but the earlier ones used a plastic vent fitting just be below the rub rail on the right (starboard) side. It should be like a clam shell with the opening facing aft so splashing water is deflected away. If your vent is missing the clam shell, then replace it. Vents are typically somewhat generic and should be available at any boat dealer but OMC had a habit of using some proprietary designs. I believe that they used one with a larger mounting hole diameter but still a 5/8 hose barb. I replaced mine with OEM. Some parts are still available thru Evinrude dealers via a special order from Seaway (will show as "vintage" when the dealer does an availability search on the BRP BossWeb parts site). Dealer orders part on BossWeb just like usual but it will drop ship to them from Seaway. Expect about 1 week lead time.
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