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Postby 320hrOrg1967Rogue200 » Wed Jan 23, 2019 9:59 pm

My name is Mark Mize from Mobile, AL. I've recently acquired a 1967 Rogue 200.
It only has 320 Hrs. In 92 it was purchased from the original owner and put in a barn on a new 92 Galvanized Trailer. Over the last few months I've been aquiring parts needed to get the Motor running and to maintain the Outdrive since it's been sitting for so long. I'm looking forward to any guidance anyone is willing to share.

I've run into a few snags like the Fuel Tank being full of rust internally and the original Canvas Top and Windows that has never been used and has provided ups and downs.
The ups were when I took the Molded, Dirty, Folded Windows and was surprized how well they cleaned up. They look like brand new now. Also, finding a guy who could refurbish my fuel pump to new condition with Buna-N elastomer soft goods compatible with todays fuel for $85.00 plus shipping when I was thinking I'd have to go to an electric pump.

The downs were finding out why the Canvas and Windows weren't used. The Frame was assembled incorrectly after several hours getting it assembled to function as I think it's suppose to function and finding out that over the last 50 years it has shrunk and I ripped it in several places trying to stretch it to the snaps. The Windows had no scratches or holes. Now, the ends of creases have gotten tiny holes that weren't there originally. The Zippers stared to tear away from the Windows when trying to zip them in.

All of that is coming together though. Memorial Day I hope to be cruising around Orange Beach, AL. In July, watching the Blue Angels at their annual air show from Sabine Bay surrounded by sugar white sand and emerald green water. Then the finale Labor Day at Crab Island in Destin, FL.
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Orange Beach Memorial Day
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Blue Angels Pensacola FL
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Crab Island Destin, FL
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Alabama Sunset On The Water
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