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Engine Compartment Blower Replacement - Sportsman

Postby Doug Julien » Mon May 23, 2016 6:04 pm

My brother and I bought a third running Sportsman (1968) with a missing combo bilgepump/blower. Replacing the pump is easy. But now I'm located 400 miles from the boat and I can't remember the diameter of the ventilation hose that goes from the blower to the rear vent. I want to get an inline blower, but need to know whether to get a three-inch or a four-inch diameter blower and hose. I'm pretty sure it's three inch diameter but help me out!

So I launched the thing for the first time this season last Friday and the family hopped in. All was well going down the Carp River and into North Lake Leelanau, where I punched it. At the middle of the lake it slowed and died. Found out it would run fine in neutral but would die immediately in forward or reverse. Broke out the paddles but we were at least three hours from shore. Thought of an old trick for dragging your stalled car off the railroad tracks - I put the thing in Forward gear and rotated the engine with the starter motor. To my surprise the "assist" from the starter motor allowed the engine to remain running in gear, as long as I had the key twisted to "Start." Got us back home. May have burnt up the starter motor judging by the smell, but I think it's all right.

No idea why it wouldn't stay running when in gear. Could be old gas. Could be missing outdrive lube fluid. Could be a low-amperage electrical problem, like bad spark plug or distributor wires. Your suggestions would be appreciated!

I also discovered, once we stopped, a lot of bilgewater. Leak! And no bilge pump - hence my question above. Leak could be an open drain stopcock on the block, or a cracked bellows, or a bad transom plug. Had to get back to St Louis and will narrow it down next time up!


-Doug Julien
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Doug Julien
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Re: Engine Compartment Blower Replacement - Sportsman

Postby Moondog » Thu May 26, 2016 11:31 am

Oh boy, sounds like you have more than one gremlin to chase... I might try hooking a hose to it and testing it on land. much easier than on the lake. I would follow up with the block drain theory for your water issue. you might as well get a new starter since , as you say, you cooked yours... and lots of water in the bilge is not a good thing for starters and tilt motors. Your electrical issues are a puzzler... I'm not sure if the 68 model had a shift interrupter or not. Those briefly killed the ignition when you shifted so to lessen the load on the clutch coils. Once engaged, the ignition resumed and the engine only felt a slight hesitation. What you experienced might be the starter circuit overriding the interrupter, keeping the ignition circuit functioning. If you are concerned about drive fluids, plug wires, etc. check them.... not likely the issue. As for the size of blower hose? My 69 hoses were crispified years ago and replace. I'm thinking they are all 3 inch... Good luck
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Re: Engine Compartment Blower Replacement - Sportsman

Postby 618tileman » Thu May 26, 2016 4:08 pm

There is a post in the outboard section about a failed safety switch. Could it be something similar to that?
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