In 1964 a second line of  OMC boats , the Evinrude Gull Wing, was introduced . This design carried through the 1967 season when it was replaced by  the  final  version which featured a deeper V and higher freeboard. Johnson adopted this hull in 1967  as the Sea Foil.




The deck was designed by Brooks Stevens a renown  Industrial Designer who had a long relationship with Evinrude .

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and his work  here!


The Gull Wing Hull was designed by Dick Cole. Cole had a solid reputation as a marine designer going back to his youth in England.

Cole was a champion of the tri-hull concept and brought it to what he believed was its culmination in the Wellcraft AirSlot.

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Despite our desire to imply passion in the project, at least from the design side there is nothing in the records to indicate that either designer thought of this as more or less than a routine assignment. The OMC Engineers supplied the passion!